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one ignored blog… { WI Portrait Photography }

I think often of writing about this, or writing about that and yet rarely do I visit my own blog.  Sad really, if I don’t visit it and write in it why in the world would I expect others to?  I had promised myself last summer I would do better about keeping up on the blog, then my mother in law got sick and sadly passed away this past fall, which isn’t a quest for sympathy just a realization that there is only so much time in the day and at that point it was way less about my business and way more about my family.  The holidays came and went and I did my best just to stay on top of business much less take on more than I could chew so again the blog was neglected.  Here’s the thing, Facebook is quicker, not necessarily easier but most definitely quicker.  It takes me all of a few seconds to write something quickly about the business or upload a few photos and I know at least 549 people are going to see it.  Here, well let’s just say there are far less followers.  So the question remains, do I make a new promise about updating the blog or do I just have a big post directing people to Facebook?  I know not everyone is a Facebook Fan, my husband included, he would rather cut off his left arm than even think about going to Facebook. Perhaps I just answered my own question…

I read a lot of blogs, to many really but oh to lose myself even for a few minutes reading about the latest, greatest way to organize my home (found HERE), decorate my home (found HERE and HERE), be a better mommy by making great, healthy lunches for my kids HERE or for some scrapbooking inspiration HERE or if I really need a good chuckle I love reading all about life on the ranch HERE.  Then there are the many photography blogs I love to visit, from those dedicated to helping photographers with everything from marketing and design to just blogs by other photographers.  So why shouldn’t I do my best to make my blog (one I have spent countless hours updating and tweaking to make it more my own) enjoyable for others to read?  I am going to add it to my calendar of many things to do each week, perhaps if I get an alarm, one with a really annoying sound to ring at the same time each week it will be a good reminder to take a few minutes, log on to my blog and leave some love.  I figure you’ll either love hearing about my crazy weeks of baseball, photo sessions, disaster dinners, more baseball, a road trip or two, a few more photo sessions and of course even more baseball or you’ll decide to never come back again.  Either way it will be therapeutic for me to write about my crazy life that revolves around a huge family, a lot of baseball and the constant ying-yang of running a business and being a mom.

No post is ever really finished though without some sweet pictures, this is after all a blog started because of my photography business.  A fun image from our recent trip to MOA in Minneapolis.

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