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updates complete…

bet you’re asking yourself “what updates?”… see I’m that good 🙂  Ok so updating the blog wasn’t without it’s snags, but the good news is with any luck nobody noticed the snags.  The blog may look the same but in fact it is a much improved blog, coming to you from an all new and improved database and upgrade in the “behind the scenes” area.  I know this means nothing to nearly all of you.  But it does mean the annoying “please update to the latest version” note that has been at the top of my screen for several months is no longer there.  I’m sure by the end of the week there will be a new version and another annoying note will be there reminding me it is time to update, again…  Just me keeping on top of things around here 🙂

So with my PC being completely out of commission for another day or two (computer doctor went and had a baby… well his wife did anyway so it could be a few days before thats back to it’s normal, annoying PC self) I couldn’t get much work done as I have yet to move my files from the PC to the new Mac (which I  L O V E!) so I spent my day not cleaning closets (they really need it!) or organizing my office (I can still see desktop in some spots), but instead spent several hours editing our family vacation to Disney from 2008!  I can’t believe how much my kids have grown in the last 16 months.  Eli was toothless and Gracie’s hair was just past her shoulders, they both still had a bit of baby look to them too.  Now they are 8 & 9, have full sets of teeth and all traces of baby has fallen off of them.  It was a wake-up call for me.  I don’t take nearly enough every day pictures of my kids.  I tend to drag them out a few times a year for portrait sessions and capture images of them while playing sports or while on vacation but I can’t tell you the last time I shot images of my kids just being kids.  I’m going to challenge you to grab your camera and snap pictures of your kids doing what they do every day.  I’m going to spend the next week just capturing my kids being themselves, grumpy faces and all.  I’ll share some of the images on the blog in the upcoming weeks.  Feel free to share your pictures with me too.  There might even be a fun prize in it somewhere along the way…

I have a couple of clients waiting patiently on some sneak peeks.  Promise, as soon as the PC is back up and running I’ll post images for you to enjoy.

Adam Hi. I hope you didn’t forget about me ;). I’m the winner of the “Favorite Holiday Tradition” contest, but I’ve never heard from you :(. Still waiting for the gift code.

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