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Day 2 ~ contest time!

Last nights winner ~ Mark!!  Ok seeing he’s the only one that participated it was by default, didn’t even have to see his list of TWO words (btw Mark, what were they?) to know he won.  I’m going to try this again today and see if I have more participants.  If I don’t have an increase in participation today I may have to turn my 7 days of Christmas contests into only 2 days.  It’s really not any fun if there’s not some sort of challenge… SO… please even if you think it’s corny and don’t want to play along pass it along to your friends and family, they may want to play and win some cool prizes. 

Today’s contest is: 
In the comment section below post your most favorite holiday tradition.  The winner will be chosen by random number draw at the end of the night.  You have until 10pm to post your favorite holiday tradition.  A winner will be announced late tonight. 

What’s today’s prize you ask???  How about a $15 iTunes gift card!  This will be an electronic gift card sent right to your email. 

FYI!!  There will be a photo contest later in the week so dust off those cameras, put in fresh batteries and card… it will be worth it!overview_gift_cards20090909

Carrie Wendt Hey – My favorite holiday tradition would be – everyone sitting by the Christmas tree and having someone from our family reading our traditional books every year before we get started with Christmas. We start out with The Polar Express and then The Nativity Story to bring home the real meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate it.

Alex My Mum would take my sister and I into the big Christmas shop in the city each year and we each got to pick 1 new decoration for the tree, such magical memories 🙂 When I moved out I took about half of the decorations I’d picked with me and now my wife and I go to that same shop each year and pick 1 each. Ah, Christmas 🙂

Marie For me, one of the most important part of the holiday season is a Midnight Mass tradition, when whole family gathers together in church, singing Christmas carols to celebrate birth of Jesus :).

Adam My family gathers on Christmas Eve for the traditional dinner. On that night, all watch the sky hoping to be the first to see “the first star”. The moment the star appears, everyone exchanges greetings and good wishes and the meal can begin. On the table is placed fresh straw as a reminder of the stable in Bethlehem.

Amy Mine is getting the Christmas tree. My parents and my family all cram into one car with a trailer, put in the same Christmas cd’s every year (A very merry Christmas), going to a cut-your-own place in New London and lunch at Bucky’s. Everyone helps to set up the tree and put ornaments on and decorate the whole room. Then my hubby and I have some wine and quiet time with all the lights off by the tree after the kids go to bed.

francoise aran We have a tradition that there are so called noisecrackers on the Christmas table dinner. Inside the noisecracker there may be a toy or some candy. Crackers are wrapped in fancy paper. A loud noise or crack with some sparks is produced when the tabs are pulled :))

Brenda Our family tradition that is my favorite is going to the Christmas tree farm (on the day after Thanksgiving) to get our tree. We always go to the same place (it was the 9th year this year!!). They get to see Santa and Mrs. Claus and drink hot apple cider. We like to cut it down ourselves, which the kids love. We put on Christmas music and decorate it when we get home :).

Nora Z. I really love Christmas when homes are decorated with holly, mistletoe and branches of trees. When there is a Christmas tree hung with electric lights, tinsel, baubles and candy canes :). I love it :-).

Robert It’s all about making sugar cookies. It’s has been a tradition to our family. As I was told it started when I was around three.
My mom & grandma love baking. So the best cookies are always for Christmas. Finally the children can pick how they want to decorate them.

Emma Smith Xmas Eve no matter how busy the day is, at night we drive to different areas and look at Xmas lights. We grab a non healthy fast food dinner to eat in the car and we drive around and listen to xmas music.
Also getting Xmas Crackers to pull for Xmas dinner.

kendell We like to spend at least one night during the season watching the classic holiday movies on TV and ordering out for food delivery- a treat for the kid and a treat for the mom!

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