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Recently overheard…

During a recent newborn session I overheard a concerned grandmother say “where’s his neck, he looks uncomfortable” to her brand new mom daughter. Now I’ve had a lot of new parents ask questions during newborn sessions, let’s face it they are LONG and sometimes the positions we photographers put our newborns in can look uncomfortable, but I’ve never had anyone question a baby’s neck before. I did some research, questioning if I am the only photographer that squishes babies into a position where their neck cannot be seen, only to discover while enjoy the fine work of many other (several famous) photographers that baby’s just don’t have necks. I was hard-pressed to find a portrait of a newborn with a visible neck showing. I’m fairly certain this is the reason we need to support newborns heads, a lack of neck on the baby to support itself. So there you have it folks, if you look at your newborn and it’s squished up having portraits taken, the last thing you need to worry about is their lack of a neck, all babies are missing them :). And just for the record while babies may look uncomfortable while being smooshed this is a position they are very familiar with, very few babies have the luxury of being able to stretch out while in the womb, they’re nearly always bent, curled and twisted while swimming around waiting for delivery.

*no babies were harmed in the making of these photographs*

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