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comments, notes and other amazing things…do I smell a contest??

So I know I’m not the greatest at keeping up with this blog, I try, I really do, but some weeks other things just come first. I’m making it a New Years resolution (stop laughing, it’s true!) to put this blog first. I think I’ve come to realize that there are truly only 3 or 4 people that read it on a regular basis anyway, which is one more reason to make sure it gets updated more often. There is nothing worse than going to your “favorite” blog only to see nothing new is happening with said person, business etc, or if something is happening they haven’t taken the time to write about it. I have favorite blogs I like to peek into every once in a while. I have several other photographers blogs I read when I have time, more so to be inspired by their creative and beautiful images than to actually read them. I have those that I know will make me laugh, because some people just have the talent for that stuff. My friend Ruby has a blog and let me tell you I have never, not once read her blog and not laughed out loud (the real kind not just the LOL kind). Then there are the cooking, decorating and craft blogs that just blow my mind and are the types of things I look at when I’ve been stuck in my office in front of the computer for far to long and really just need a break, the kind that keeps in me in my seat but away from “work” for a while. The one thing I notice when reading other people’s blogs is that many of them post multiple times a week (except Ruby but she has 5 kids 8 and under, how she has time to write at all still amazes me!) and they all get comments from their faithful followers. I need comments people… not to boost my ego (although it wouldn’t hurt 🙂 ) but just to know that there are more than 4 people reading this thing. Honestly it’s getting tough to give things away to the same 3 people (my mom doesn’t count in the gift giving away contests). So here’s what I’m going to do…


First off I’m going to make a commitment to write in the blog at least once a week.  I promise to be as witty as possible, just don’t cringe at my attempts to be funny.  In return I’m asking my loyal followers to please make a comment below.  In case you’re wondering how to go about doing that it’s really quite simple.  Just below this post is a box, on the right side it says “add a comment”, click on that, write your peace click submit and voila’ a comment has been made.  Please keep it clean though, dirty or sassy comments won’t count.  Now you’re asking yourself, umm didn’t she say something about a contest, yes folks I did!  I’m going use a random number generator (found online) to choose a number and that numbered comment will win a prize.  Prize you say… what kind of prize…  a $25 iTunes gift card!  Yup, just like that, all you have to do is make a tiny comment below this post and you’re entered to win an iTunes gift card.  I will pick a winner at 9:00 (Central) on Wednesday evening and announce it on the blog.   

Tricia H I am just realizing I never wrote to you about how beautiful Riley’s pictures are that you posted last weekend. I had the flu earlier this week and now Riley has it. I am sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to you. We love them and can’t wait to see the rest! And yes, I read your blog. I added you to my blog reader several weeks ago. :). Can’t wait to see more!

Juan Carlos Hello!

Hi from México ur blog is great!

Xiao! ^^

Elizabeth Great idea to gain comments! I love blog give a ways!
I am also a photographer, but I do commercial work. I love the new books you are doing with the thicker pages. Care to share the company you are using? Great pictures!!!

laetitia Hi there !

One more comment one 😉 If you write at least once a week I will leave you a comment once a week 😉
Nice pictures…


Paula Ok, just that fact that I made it this far to make a comment should have you utterly amazed right now!! Awesome pictures!!!

Alex Great gift idea! And it introduced me to your great blog, thanks!! 🙂

patti So happy to be introduced to your blog–enjoyed viewing your work!

Adi I really love your child & family portraits! Great work!

francoise aran It’s so nice to see all these pictures. I followed this blog from your facebook page and … boom giveaway :).

Jeanine Rysewyk CONTEST!!!! God, I love to win any contest or game plus I love the blog and looking at the fantastic pictures.

Kelly I missed the contest, but Good luck with the blog posting.

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